Rewrites.  The bane of writers everywhere.  For my own part (the only part I really know), I hate rewrites most of them.  I get very attached to my first drafts, and I hate the thought of making drastic changes.  So it takes me a long time to work up the nerves to tackle rewrites.

The story I’m rewriting at the moment, I finished almost two years ago and went through a round of edits.  And then had it slammed in my writer’s group.  It was frustrating, this story that I spilled blood over.  It was the first time I killed a character that I really cared about, and it shook me that it wasn’t liked.  I fooled myself into thinking I could write a perfect story, the kind that don’t require rewrites.  But I’m almost certain that story doesn’t exist.

I’m trying to change my opinion of rewrites.  Sure, I’m doing a full rewrite of this story.  But because I think I have a better idea of the voice and the pacing.  Of what parts of the first draft really worked, and which parts hurt it.  I’ve rewritten the first big scene and did a rough outline of Sophie’s story.  Hopefully this time around, all it will need is some polish in the end.

So yeah, that was the whole point of the post.  That I hate rewrites, but I’m doing them.