December (Aftermath)

December is for aftermath.  For an impossible election, for editing our NaNo drafts, for the first round of holiday over eating.

I didn’t get 50k in November.  I could come up with a bunch of reasons.  I lost my motivation.  Distracted by the US Election and its results.  Trying to understand the implications that it holds for people I care about.  

I had to reconsider what I  was writing, because I was trying to write a happier post-apocalypse.  I hadn’t been willing to take into account fear, and just how low humanity would go.  I was a victim of my own echo chamber.

My goal was always to wrap my head around this draft, to figure out pieces that were missing.  If I got 50k, I would be happy, but the priority was always problem solving.  So in that regard, I was wildly successful.

The secondary goal was to create the framework for the whole thing.  I figured out where I needed more characters and different perspective.  I found where I could tie threads together, to help support a larger narrative while still keeping the stories personal to the characters.

I may not have hit 50k, but I still count the month as a success.  Now to keep it up.  Writing is a balancing act.  Keeping your commitment to yourself is as important as the commitments elsewhere.

The next month will be just as mad.  My wife’s second novel is in final beta.  So editing and copy are on deck, as well as formatting.  And formatting the first book for a print run. And holidays.  And parenting.  And photography.  And that pesky nine to five.

Balancing act.



He enters the room with a huff, practically kicking the door off its hinges.  It stinks of dust and age, mildew and forgotten plans.

Nothing a broom and a power washer can’t handle.

He hangs up a sign.  COMING SOON.  WORDS.


This is a filler post, because I haven’t decided what to actually post. This week I find myself back in Chicago, appreciating chill and snow while my brother goes in for surgery. He’s actually having the surgery while I’m typing, which is good.

I have a handful of really short pieces, a few chunks of the Western that I could post and a couple drafts of posts that I could finish. I just really don’t know.

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day, that you didn’t make yourself sick on chocolates or get bent out of shape because Marketing Departments all across the country told you nobody loved you if they didn’t buy you diamonds.