Insanity, Day One

Day one of National Novel Writing Month is a wrap for this guy.  I wrote a prologue and a first chapter and I already feel way better than I have about things that I have written in quite sometime.  So yay for that.

Word Count for Day One: 2475.

Opening line: The sky was clear of clouds, stars dotting the veil of black sky, the moon a red sliver.

How about you?  Did you make 1667?  Or whatever your goal was?

Don’t worry if you didn’t.  There’s time.  No pressure, just have fun.

Are you happy with what you wrote?  No, stop reading it.  You’re just going to get mad about it.  No edits until December.  Or January.

You are kick-ass.  You are a writer.  A Nanite.  A Wrimo.  I believe in you.


4 thoughts on “Insanity, Day One

  1. Ann Elise says:

    How did the rest of your month go?

    • I got derailed with politics, personal stuff and a major thematic/plot readjustment. All told, 15k and a brand new outline.

      How about you?

      • Ann Elise says:

        Damn. I managed 57k, mainly because I know I get distracted midway through the month and need the extra padding. A lot will be cut in edits, but that’s the nature of writing life, really. It had to be written so I could understand the entire shape of the thing, since I’m not a great judge while outlining.

      • I don’t feel discouraged. More words than I had before and I have a much better idea. My real goal was always a 125k working draft by spring

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