November’s Legacy

And hey, he’s back!  After weeks of radio silence, I find myself sitting at the computer and actually considering a blog post.  So here I am, posting away.  What’s kept me so silent, you ask?  Well, other than life getting hectic and not having much to say, all of my writing energy has been focused on this crazy little novel I’m writing.

As I mentioned before, I’m doing the 50,000 word National Novel Writing Month, and on the first day of the third week, I’m just over halfway there.  The novel has been treating me well and the entire process has opened my eyes to my capabilities as a writer, if only on how to constantly and consistently produce.  I am willing to admit that the quality of the work may be suspect, but I still have many words down on pages.  Anything else is for the second draft.

So for November, this blog will probably hover in the vast straits of the internet.  Bobbing, lonely and quiet in the wastelands of forgotten blogs.  If you’re interested in my progress with the word count, feel free to scope my Twitter feed.


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