Really, he started another one.

How many blogs can one man have?  That’s right, as many as he damn well pleases.

I’ve experimented with Livejournal, Blogger, having a travel blog, a random blog, a gaming blog.  I can’t do a focused blog anymore.  Too restrictive and I never updated, because I couldn’t come up with some topic related to tabletop gaming when it wasn’t an active part of my life.

What is active in my life?  Writing.  Cooking.  Video Games.  Work.  My wife.  I read a lot, I watch TV.  Hang out with my roommate.  Complain about the weather.  Aren’t I normal?

Well not really.  I’m incredibly neurotic, with a confidence in myself that borders on egotism.  Wait, that’s still normal.  Ah normalcy.

I’m tagging this post with every category I might use.  I may be tempted to bare my soul, to complain, to rant.  I may share recipes.  I may not update for weeks at a time.  Fortunately, my Twitter feed will keep you company.  I can hear hawks outside my window now, circling Golden Gate Park for a sumptuous morsel.

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